We are alive!

DSC_0009We have been totally MIA from the blog world lately and I’ve been a total slacker at taking pictures of our latest adventures, but we are very much alive! Here is a little recap of the last few months:

DSC_0055 DSC_0003 

DSC_0075 DSC_0020DSC_0063photo-25 photo-23 photo-27photo-24

  • homemade sea glass necklaces for mom & sisters
  • nutcracker darlings
  • 1st attempt at carmel apples- yum!
  • christmas morning, just the two of us = so lovely!
  • government canyon walks
  • endless polka dot curtains
  • rocking horse in the making
  • painting baby’s room
  • valentine’s dinner

photo-26We also discovered that this little one sleeps just like mama, hands curled up under cheek:)


Tough Mudder Man

Brandon participated in a Tough Mudder race about a month ago. I have to say I’m pretty impressed that not only did he survive, but he actually did really well and didn’t even have any battle wounds to show for all of his tough work!

They write your number on your head in case your tag falls off, which Brandon’s did:)

If you don’t know what Tough Mudder is YouTube has plenty of super entertaining videos. We particularly like watching the electric shock ones:)

Or you can check out this one from the specific race that Brandon did in Austin.

Great job Tough Mudder Man!

Bring on the Dinner Parties!

Love, love, love our old table (it now lives in my office), but we went from seating 2 to 10! We have been leaving the table round for the two of us, but a leaf is easily added which makes it extra big. We are really enjoying being able to fit lots of people for meals and games!

Who wants to come for dinner?

Malaquite Beach

We took a long weekend to go camping at Malaquite Beach. We had never been camping on a beach before and it was very fun! We played in the perfectly warm water, rode bikes down the beach and enjoyed sitting around the fire with friends and yummy camp food. I’m pretty sure we will be finding sand until the end of time though!

So proud of his Angry Bird:)

Spring Show

Amazing job darling dancers! I’m so proud of you!

“Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee”:

“True Loves Kiss”:

“If They Could See Me Now”:

“Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead”:

This recital was so low stress for me and I was able to totally enjoy! I even got to sit in the audience! Thanks to all my wonderful dancers, parents and helpers for making this possible. I know I am so blessed to make something I absolutely love and is so much fun my job!

How to have a productive day:

Tip #1 :

Make your bed!

Seriously, something magical happens in my house when the bed is made. All of the sudden I feel like I’ve accomplished something right off the bat and the productiveness continues throughout the day.

Tip #2:

Try not to drop big cans on your foot. This could seriously slow down your productiveness! That thing starts at the base of my toes (a lovely green shade) and is about four inches long. Anyone know why part of my bruise is red and part is green? A sad side effect of being so productive from all the bed making and such: you won’t have time to paint all your toe nails:(

Seriously though, it’s amazing how motivating a made bed can be. I told myself this week I would not work on “fun” projects until my chores were complete (I even made a chart-this is serious business!). With all that pent-up bed-making-motivation I was able to take a bite out of this lovely craigslist find:

I’m trying to take this project slow though, before and after pics are still a few weeks out.

So, go make your bed and have a fabulously productive week!

Merry Christmas!

Yep, it’s Christmas in March at the Barrick house. Brandon’s long awaited Christmas gift finally arrived!

I had surprised him with the moola to cover this new toy back  in December and since it was just around the corner he wanted to wait until the new one was released. I was so afraid to leave the house on Friday, fearing I would miss the UPS man. UPS man told me he had gotten a lot of that that day:)

Merry Christmas Brandon!

P.S. Fruit Ninja is even more awesome in iPad size!

Oh Oliver

I had planned a post about what has fondly become known as the bike/jog in our home, but we had a sick weekend and didn’t make it out for our weekly bike/jog. I’ll have to take pictures next time to share, the neighborhood kids think we are terribly entertaining. Brandon’s bike is broken and I hate running, so we compromise: I bike, he jogs and somehow we maintain the same speed (usually he gets a great workout and I just have fun). It’s become one of my favorite weekend activities!

Since a blog is just better with pictures I leave you with these two …


and after:

Seriously buddy, you’ve got to cut back on the tuna!

Feathering the Nest

I’ve had a couple requests for pictures from the baby shower I threw a few weeks ago. Sadly, I snapped a few pictures of the food and decor and then totally forgot about the picture taking while I was chatting away-opps! We had a baby bird theme, complete with chow mein nests and cadbury eggs (sort of a bad thing I discovered that you could buy these so far before Easter!) Sweet Brandon stayed up half the night with me cleaning and cooking. He even made mini quiches that were a huge hit- what a stud!

Baby Girl Morgan is due tomorrow!

Congratulations Brad and Jessica we could not be more excited for you!!!