Dancing Queens

Tonight was my 4th dance recital flying solo! I’ve probably been in, choreographed for ¬†or watched hundreds before, but never realized how much goes into putting on a show! Even as a teacher I never had to worry about costumes, cutting music, notes home, reservations, seating, programs, schedules or the moola. Those things were just magically taken care of. I so appreciate all the work that many, many people put in to creating magical recitals for me and with me. I’m learning not to stress quite as much and try to enjoy. If you know me you know that’s really hard! The girls did such a fabulous job and I’m so proud of them! I am totally bummed my camera was MIA for the event, but I did snap a few with our point and shoot:

I owe a
thank you to all the wonderful parents,who help so much and let me spend an hour a week with their dancing divas!

I also have BIG thanks for my sweet husband and awesome brother-in-law who helped set up, take down, MC and keep me fed and sane!