We had such a fantastic time in Utah and Idaho!!! Congrats to the happy couple! (I’ll post more about that later)

We had a spare hour or so before heading out with our families to a yummy birthday dinner and decided to have some fun on the trampoline. Man I miss that trampoline. Would it be weird to get one for a home with no kiddos?

Yep, definitely need my own trampoline!


A Giraffe in my Window!

My parents like to share a story about when I was about 2 and Nichole was just a newborn. My mom had asked my dad to close the window above Nichole’s crib because there was a draft coming in the window. I kept asking over and over to see. They could not figure out what I wanted to see so badly and I told them that I wanted to see the giraffe coming in the window. Another random Todd family fact: my dad LOVES wildlife and animals. We spent so many hours fascinated by the discovery channel as a family! Anyway, on our trip he wanted to stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge and he told our concierge that it was really important that we could wake up to giraffes out our window. And that we did! We were told not to keep towels or anything on the deck as they had been known to be snatched off by animals!

I didn’t get a lot of pictures from our days in the parks, but I did happen to snatch a picture of us waiting for my favorite ride!

I also got lots of animal shots from our early morning safari.

We had such an amazing time and were so sad we had to come home!

This cute flamingo was feeding her baby.

Castaway Cay

Having done this trip a few times we’ve learned that being off the ship early is a plus for finding the perfect beach spot with plenty of chairs, even a hammock or two. My family was the first off the boat!

I had a goal on this trip to take a nap in a hammock and I did. It was lovely! We relaxed on the beach, swam with fish, enjoyed water slides, bike riding, great food and imagining kayaking around the island. At the lookout point we may or may not have been scheming a way to hijack some boats to have our own little adventure.

Brandon was a good example to all of us and he ran a 5k first thing.

So much fun!

(p.s. I’m pretty impressed with my little camera for being able to take such clear photos since I was riding my bike while taking pictures. Maybe not the safest idea, but it was fun and I’m glad they turned out!)

I love summer!

Here are just a few reasons why:

Ok the pool was closed, not a great start…

I’m missing my blackberry smoothie from last summer, but Mango makes a good substitute!

Summer I love you and I hope to spend a lot of time enjoying the pool,  Sea World and soaking in the sun!

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Going Green!

The Leprechauns invaded our home on March 17th. Although at first it was quite concerning that little green men were secretly getting into everything it turned out to be a very fun day! It all began while Brandon was in the shower and I was preparing for the career fair. The little men first attacked our breakfast. They turned what were once beautifully golden German pancakes into their own little green rolling hills. They next found Brandon’s lunch and didn’t let anything escape their green hands (except the PB and J). I guess they weren’t sure  how to handle the sticky mess. After we had a lovely evening hosted by Summer, Alex, and Anamae, we returned home prepared for a delicious dessert. At this point we were not surprised to see green short cake on the table, but when I found that my homemade cream had too taken on a Land of Oz hue I knew things had gone too far! We are happy to report that life has returned to its normal color (that is except for my hair) and our little friends have left us for at least another year.  

Brandon on St. Patrick's Day

Utah Auto Show

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Megan came with me to her first auto show. Usually my dad, Daniel, and at least one roommate would come along, but this year Daniel is gone and Meg is my roommate so it ended up just being us three. The auto show was definitely affected by the economy. There were less cars than last year and BMW didn’t even show up. We still had a great time and Meg really liked that she could see all the cars so close to each other and not have to go from dealership to dealership. There weren’t any spectacular cars, but we did enjoy seeing the new Camaro (somehow I didn’t take a picture) and the opening and closing of a Cadillac XLR’s hardtop roof (my camera was full and I didn’t realize). I had some pictures and I decided everyone who wanted to see them already did =)

These were my favorites (if you want to see the pics, then let me know): Pontiac G8 GXP, Lexus ISF, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, Dodge V-10 (I think)  Motorcycle

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Visiting CA

We had a fun trip to Santa Barbara over the Holiday! 

Sunday walk on the pier.

Goleta pier Christmas 08


surfing at Pismo

Dinner at Pea Soup Andersen’s- and yes we had pea soup.

Pea Soup Andersen's

Had to get sour belts at the wharf.

SB Wharf 08

Jane taught us how to make great peanut brittle…

Meg making peanut brittle

and salsa.

making salsa

We had fun celebrating the new year, watching Benjamin Button, spending time with family and friends and of course way too much football!!!

German Pancakes

We spent about two hours grocery shopping on Saturday. We stocked up for the month, but by the time we got everything up our stairs and put away we ended up with no energy for cooking a meal with the ingredients we’d just bought and so…breakfast for dinner! It was pretty good (and really easy)!


I had to take a picture because I was pretty proud of how tall they got.

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I just found some Thanksgiving pictures we didn’t put on before:

Growing up my family would have a Thankful List posted in the kitchen and we would add to it everyday. We could have gone on and on, but we tried to add one thing everyday.

I also made baby pies with the left over pumpkin- they were yummy!