Sister Time

Um, Wow! What happened to summer!?! I cannot believe it’s almost gone. What a summer it was filled right up with family, friends, trips and even a few projects.

First Up: I was off to Utah for some much needed sister time!

I helped these guys in my dad’s office. I did some transcribing while they did the nitty gritty patient stuff. I still don’t know how Nichole does it! I so did not get the blood and guts tolerance gene! They are all pro and call him “Dr. Todd” and everything!

Gab was at cheer camp for part of the week so we went to watch her several times.

Brandon didn’t come until later, but Chris and Dad were awesome sports to come and support! Chris even parked like a dork just so we could have a good spot when we got there. He gets bonus points for all the funny looks people gave him (he was driving Nichole’s red bug:)

Go Gab Go!

Lots of time hanging out and enjoying dinners together! So bummed I live so far away!

 Oh, and doesn’t my family have the cutest animals ever! Nichole’s dog, Izzy, is so well trained and can do lots of tricks. My favorite though has to be when she “dances”!

Lucky for me Gabby came to visit in Texas a few weeks later, still bummed Steph and Nick had to stay behind!



Back before Christmas we had a wonderful visit from these fabulous people:

We went to a couple missions, the Riverwalk, checked out the Japanese Tea Gardens, ate fabulous food. Ben even fixed our rice cooker! Also, Ben’s Toms had calculus on them and we think that is pretty sweet!

Oh yeah, and we did flying trapeze. Actually I didn’t get to do it, but Brandon, Bree and Ben all did. It was a pretty fabulous week.

For video of Brandon in action check out his facebook page.

P.S. I totally did not mean to have two circus act posts right by each other. Please don’t think we are crazy because we trapeze and unicycle!

Feathering the Nest

I’ve had a couple requests for pictures from the baby shower I threw a few weeks ago. Sadly, I snapped a few pictures of the food and decor and then totally forgot about the picture taking while I was chatting away-opps! We had a baby bird theme, complete with chow mein nests and cadbury eggs (sort of a bad thing I discovered that you could buy these so far before Easter!) Sweet Brandon stayed up half the night with me cleaning and cooking. He even made mini quiches that were a huge hit- what a stud!

Baby Girl Morgan is due tomorrow!

Congratulations Brad and Jessica we could not be more excited for you!!!

I LOVE Visitors!

My fabulous friend Heather & her equally fabulous sister Carolyn came to visit me this weekend. They are so darling!  We had so many fun adventures growing up: spending time at Bear Lake, rock climbing with hoses in the back yard (super safe, I know!), sleep overs, school dances, so many memories!  Heather even let me spend many weekends crashing at her apartment in Provo when I was dating Brandon and listened endlessly to my confused little dating rambles. This chick would even let me sleep on her bed and she would crash on the couch. I mean really, could you ask for a better friend!  Even though we live so far away we still talk to each other at least once a week.

We had fun checking out the Japanese Tea Gardens. Heather got to be our model while Carolyn and I went to town trying out different camera settings.

Heather is always reminding me of the good things in Texas and she thinks my cowboy boots are pretty high on the list! She is one of those friends that can see through your put on smile, or your forced “I’m fine”. She can always see right through me  and helps me to realize the good, bad or ugly. But she does it in such a loving way that you can’t help but feel cared for. Totally one of my go to girls when I’m having a bad day. If it’s a ridiculous problem or all too serious she knows exactly what to say or do to help you help yourself.

We enjoyed dinner on the Riverwalk, a boat tour and checking out the Alamo. Heather really wanted to touch the Alamo, so we found a wall that wasn’t roped off for her. Isn’t Brandon a cute little purse holder!

These darling girls gave me a huge reminder of what it’s like to be a great friend. I had to teach piano the last day they were here and I tried to get them to take my car and go on an adventure. Instead when I was done teaching I found my laundry folder, dishes put away and they spent the afternoon helping me put together hair clips for girls camp. I just cannot believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends!

Heather is counting down the days to her wedding. I am counting down the days until I get to see her again.

Can’t wait for September ladies!