Nursery Tour

Adeline’s nursery is my favorite room in the house! Our biggest goal for her room was to create a happy and peaceful place. There was lots of love put into her room. When I was put on bed rest her sweet Daddy made lots of trips to craft stores, finished half done projects and did lots of installation. He even picked out the fabric for her crib skirt.












No where else I’d rather spend my days and nights.


Being Brave

I have been wanting to do something fun to our laundry room wall for ages! But let’s be real, I am not super brave when it comes to decorating. When I saw this Amy Butler wall paper though I knew it was just the type of risk I could take. It was just the right color and pattern size and if I hated, it was just one wall in a laundry room probably no one else would see anyway.

After quite the run around town trying to find wall paper paste I now have more than I will ever need. Seriously, if you need some call me! I am totally in love! It makes me happy every time I walk by. And really, that’s what decorating a home is all about. So this is one happy laundry doing gal.

But there was no way I was putting that horrid wire shelving back on top of my  new pretty wall! NO WAY! I have a serious beef with whoever invented those things! After a couple trips to Ikea (we got the wrong size first) I now have two nice shelves to go with my pretty wall. Again, loving it! Maybe I should be brave and take some risks more often!

P.S. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rug for this room!

A work in progress…

We’ve had lots of projects happening amongst all the crazy adventures this summer. I started this one at the beginning of the summer.

First I tore apart a pallet. FYI this was way harder and took way longer than I ever imagined!

Next I cut the boards down. Using my new favorite tool (my drill)  I tried to put it together, but my new drill totally overpowered the screws and stripped them. I had to get out my other favorite tool (my Dremel) and cut off the excess screw.

From there it was easy to slap on some stain, chicken wire and then fill the box with moss and soil.

Succulents were a little pricier than I had anticipated so I got a few and planted them. Then waited 8 weeks for the roots to set. Brandon helped me hang the box on our patio. Easiest plant care ever! Water only once or twice a week. Someday we will add more plants, but eventually these ones should spread and fill the entire box.

Loving me a garden that doubles as art!

New Door, New Skirt and Old Skills

We have thought our front door was super boring ever since we moved in, but have debated and debated on what to do about it. I finally got brave and splashed some nice bright paint on there. We had a moment where we almost went super trendy with a teal, but I’m glad we reigned it in a little.

(P.S. That planter box is getting a make over very soon, hence the emptiness.)

I finally found the guts to try this tutorial. I’m not in love with the tutorial (lots of gaps), but as you can see I figured it out. I’m pretty excited about it!

In other random news I whipped out the old unicycle after my bike tires called it quits this weekend.

(don’t worry Brandon already fixed them- darn nails!)

Yep, I’ve still got skills!

Getting my Organizing on

Like many of you January came and the list of home improvements quadrupled and organization became top priority!

I knocked this little project out in one weekend while Brandon was traveling to and from Dallas for a BYU game. This closet made me crazy. Our house doesn’t really have a linen closet and we have tons of blankets and quilts so that was no bueno. We tried to stack them nicely on the top shelf of this closet and they just wouldn’t stay nice, also no bueno.

 Luckily our closets are quite deep on the sides and we really don’t use that back space. So I sweet talked the guy are Home Depot to do some cuts for me they aren’t actually supposed to do, he is now one of my favorite people. 2 squares and six 2x1s. After some paint and some nails and a cute new basket from Target we are in business!

I love how it turned out. Every snuggly quilt and bed linen has a home without attacking me every time I open the closet. The basket was empty in this picture, but it now houses all our guest sheets and some of the extra big quilts. The top closet shelf is now empty and the only other thing in this closet is our luggage. Loving the empty space and having a home for everything!

Lover or Hater?

So I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Let’s cover the hate first shall we:

1- Let’s be real NO ONE’s house is staged, perfectly clean, organized and beautiful all the time, or even most of the time. I’m totally a neat freak and I’ll be the first to tell you there are closets in my home that I would be mortified if you opened. And you can bet I wouldn’t snap a picture of one until it got a total make over and at that a makeover would probably last and look pretty a grand totally of 30 seconds.

2- Do we really need to post our jealous/envious/covetous thoughts for all to see? I’m not a fan of all the I wants or somedays, or dream homes. Let’s all just be happy with what we have (hair, clothes, bodies, homes include).

3- What happened to my creativity and problem solving skills?I swear I used to be able to come up with solutions and ideas all on my own. Now when I need inspiration I go right to Pinterest and the copying begins.

4- If I spent half the amount of time I spend on Pinterest actually doing projects or heaven forbid laundry I would be a much happier person with a much cleaner home!

Now that you all hate me for not being a lover I have a confession. I do find inspiration, ideas and nifty tricks from Pinterest all the time. So you see I’m quite torn. What’s a girl to do?

Well I dove in and gave a couple of Pinterest projects a try. Yes, I coveted. Yes, I copied and Yes I am totally thrilled with the results. Can you say identity crisis? Oh goodness!

Shutter for Christmas cards, memos or someday children’s art:

Candle holder mason jars:

(I was going to hang these in my front yard trees, but the wind scared me)

Onions grown in a cup in my (very dirty-yikes!) window:

(who knew right?!)

I’m sure there will be many more Pinterest projects in my future, but I still have a few reservations about the whole thing:) Are you a lover, hater or both?

New Tricks

I’ve been wanting to try a few new things for a l-o-n-g time. It just so happens I knocked out two of them in one week! The first was milk paint, the second gold leafing.

My grandparents gave me this dresser. I love the shape and the hardware! I actually liked the wood and dark color too, but it had some wear and tear I just didn’t know how to fix without making it look worse. So I had some fun with milk paint. Oh the chippy goodness! I’m in love! It was supposed to be more green, but I’m ok with the blue. I swear it changes colors depending on the time of day though!

I snagged these two frames from Salvation Army. One for $4 and one for $5. I never ever find great things at Salvation Army, so I was quite excited. I’ve been on the hunt for bigger frames for a long time.  (fyi: if I ever want the cats to hang out with me they want nothing to do with me, but the second I break out a project they won’t leave me alone! many a project pictures include cat tails!)

One of these frames got its own milk paint treatment and the other got some gold leafing. Did you catch the sneak peek after above? In these pictures the color doesn’t look much different, but it really does in person. It started very beige and dirty looking even after I cleaned it. Now it’s lovely gold and bronze. 

My mom always taught me that in decorating every room should have a little touch of gold. I didn’t believe her and used to hate gold, but have now realized I really hate brass and now I have a few of my own gold touches. 

Oh I just can’t get over the chips! Working with milk paint was so fun. It’s totally not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed being surprised by the random cracks, chips and layers that milk paint can create. Very little prep work was a fabulous bonus as well! 

Try something new, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!


One reason this vacation feels so great- I’m done with this project!

I’ve been wanting to do something to this wall since we moved in. I’ve had a bajillion ideas, really a bajillion! But nothing seemed to be just right. Then I discovered this idea on several different blogs and thought it was perfect. Doesn’t blog land make you feel so unoriginal sometimes? Man I swear I used to be creative all on my own. Anyway despite the fact that homes all over the place have this same wall I still love it!

This project just about killed me though. Blog land lied about just how easy it was! It took FOREVER, really forever! Killed my back and smelled awful. I started with the same wall color in a high gloss and then added some white enamel left over from the builders to lighten it just a little and amp up the shine. It’s totally not perfect and I think I’m ok with that. Someday I might get around to doing the touch ups and if this wall is really lucky I’ll fix some of the weird spots. Pictures don’t do it justice. It was really hard to get a good picture of the shine and right coloring. I guess you’ll just have to come visit me for a taste of the real thing!

It just makes sitting on the beach that much more relaxing knowing I get to go back to a freshly painted office and start on another project. My next project involves painting, but not an itty bitty paint brush, I’ll be taking a break from itty bitty paint brushes for a while.

Back to enjoying the view.

In Love!

Oh sweet craftiness! I’m on a roll- so many projects so little time! So I know some of these projects have been all over blog land and are nothing new, but I’m so excited I had to share! Wow so many exclamation points in my first few sentences, that just shows how excited I am. I have discovered drop cloth. It has been a fabulous find. It’s cheap, easy to work with, durable and I love the look. Here are a few projects, all from the same $10 cloth. I still have lots left too.

This was a Craigslist find. I actually liked the red, but it had some damage I couldn’t fix. I took it all apart, sanded, stained and then did new upholstery out of drop cloth. This was that other patience testing project I mentioned. It was so much harder than I’d anticipated, but very fun!  I loved taking apart the layers and wondering where that chair had been and how it came to be in my hands. This is my first upholstery project and I know it isn’t perfect, but I love it! I find myself staring at it often. It may just have earned its own post, I took lots of pictures along the way, but I had to include it in my drop cloth projects.

Did you know you could print on drop cloth? I gave this one a try before Brandon got home from work. Ya know, just in case I destroyed the printer and needed to discard the evidence. It didn’t, all was right in printer world, but I did hold my breath for a minute or so. I have been wanting to put this quote in my office for months! Plus you can’t beat a 99 cent frame from Salvation Army!

Now if I can just SIMPLIFY! Hey at least I have a pretty reminder. I typed it up using my best friend- Picnik and voila!

I made these little rosettes out of strips of drop cloth and attached them to my entry way bench pillow, just to add some spunk! After some cat damage I had to cut off the fringe from this pillow and have been searching for a way to spruce it up- cue drop cloth inspiration!

One of these little beauties might just be finding its way onto a headband or barrette!

Ok if this post doesn’t make you want to go buy a drop cloth and get creating I’m not sure what will.

Who knew such a cheap material could yield so much love!


So a few months ago after suffering through some pretty significant trials in our little family, trials we didn’t anticipate and that have taught us more than we would have ever thought possible, I had a doctor tell me I should consider some meditation or something to increase my patience.


Oh man did I want to laugh in her face. I didn’t, mind you, but I sure wanted to! If you survived my teenage years you know that I was not a patient person! I was (and still am) a perfectionist and as a teen I just couldn’t figure out how to deal with people, situations, etc… that were not perfect. It seems so silly now. Anyway way back when I happened upon a wonderful job (that is a story for another day). It taught me a lot. I learned patience and quite frankly I learned to put into practice a lot of the skills I would later pay thousands of dollars to have professors teach me about. I fell in love with my coworkers, my students and my job. It didn’t feel like a job, it was way too fun! It will probably surprise you that this job was being a coach and eventually a special event coordinator at Flips Gymnastics.

But back to my story about patience. The environment and people at Flips taught me so much about patience and the time it takes to really learn, heal and grow. (so many gymnastics metaphors- so many!) It really did change the person I was and still am.  I’ve definitely been needing some learning, healing and growing around here! As I laughed off my Docs suggestion (oh if she only knew how far I’ve already come in that department), I thought perhaps not meditation, but maybe – just maybe- Flips could help me out again.

From there I made a plan. I would make a quilt out of all of my old Flips t-shirts. I would have something to keep my hands and mind busy while bringing on a flood of fabulous memories, Great trial distraction right?! Oh man, I’m not really sure what I was thinking, but here is the rest of my story via pictures. I present to you my Patience Quilt:

I was so ready to be done by this point I forgot to take a picture of me cutting all the edges to make fringe between every square.

Toss in washer & dryer.

So I’m not entirely sure this project helped me with my patience, but I guess at the very least it gave me something else to be mad at besides our struggles. Daniel and I had quite the laugh over the fact that quilting is pretty much cutting something apart just to sew it back together! Oh and I guess I did put those t-shirts to work and haven’t stopped sleeping with this blanket!

In other news I recently started another project that tested my patience, but I enjoyed this one much more! So there is hope- Megan can have patience after all!