She’s Here!

Adeline Mae Barrick


May 10, 2013
7:15 am
6lbs 8oz   19.5 inches

We could not be more happy! I had lots of good blogging intentions before Miss Addie Mae came to our family, none of which seem important now. Maybe one of these days I’ll get caught up or share more details about being pregnant or the miracle of Little Miss’s arrival, but for now I’m going to enjoy every little newborn moment and lots and lots of snuggles! So excited to be a family of 3!


You are one year closer to finding out!

That was the punch line to Brandon’s birthday card:)

With Puff French Toast (aka churros for breakfast), lots of great gifts, dinner at Ruth’s Chris (best dinner ever!) and lovely friends for Tollhouse cookie pie how could it not be a fabulous birthday?

Love you lots babe! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!

For Real

Are ready for the most awesome story ever?

Ok maybe not ever, but we think it’s pretty cool.

So a few months back I randomly entered this contest at HEB. All you had to do was try new recipes (from a list of theirs) every week for eight weeks and then log into their website and tell them that you did, then you were entered into a drawing. So I figured, “Hey self, you have to cook dinner anyways and you like trying new recipes so why not. You might even win a coupon or something.” They had hundreds of  prizes ranging from kitchen appliances, HEB gift cards from $5-$500, all sorts of things. I never win anything so I figured chances were slim but I’d give it a go, again I had to make dinner anyway. We liked some of the recipes, others we did not. Broccoli slaw was a big NO and that’s coming from a broccoli fan!

So a few weeks after the contest ended I still hadn’t heard anything and figured it was all over and we didn’t win anything and I was ok with that.

A few more weeks later I got an email from HEB that started out “Thanks for participating!” I figured it was just a formal way of letting me know I didn’t win anything, but I continued reading and discovered not only did I not lose, but I won the Grand Prize!

Wait, what?!?!?

Yeah I read that email like a million times! The grand prize was a year of free groceries ($5200 in gift cards), $1000 towards a kitchen upgrade and a tour with an HEB dietician. Um, yep you can read that sentence again, it’s nuts!

A few more weeks go by, paper work filled out, a scare with the post office losing things, notary and all sorts of other legal stuff (apparently they can use my name and likeness if they want so if you see “me” on an HEB something let me know!) and I was able to go pick up our prize last week.

We went shopping and it felt so weird to not be paying for our groceries, very cool, but weird! We had a hard time coming up with a kitchen upgrade and finally decided on a new big dinning table. I LOVE the one we have, but it really only fits the two of us and we like to entertain so bigger is better. So it’s moving to my craft room for more work space and I can’t wait for the new one to get here! Since the gift cards do expire in a year and that is way more than we typically spend we will be bulking up our food storage and trying some new fancy ingredients.

So there you have it, the crazy story about how I won free groceries for a year and a new kitchen table! Now go enter a contest, you might just win!

Two Boxes of Candles

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel old and I really don’t. Except for the fact that we had to buy two boxes of candles to put on my birthday cake! Oh and I CANNOT move today after my weekend activities. So I guess I feel a little old after all:)

Friday night I went to a new dance class and the teacher was just a little obsessed with “drill team” style kicks. Oh man my legs just don’t move like they used to! On Saturday for my birthday Brandon loaded up my bike and we headed for a great ride at O.P. Schnabel. We had never been and it was a fabulous biking trail!

We finished off the night with the Muppets Movie and some yummy cake. That hubby of mine makes good cake!

Bunnies and Blue Bonnets

We had a great Easter Sunday today. Fabulous talks and lessons, great afternoon nap and even a little easter egg hunt.

Dress pants and a jersey must be a style I’m not aware of:)

We made bunny rolls (found on pinterest) that were very yummy.

I’ve been wanting to practice taking more pictures and took advantage of our little house guest this weekend. She is a very cute model! I just had way too many cute pictures to decide from:

Lovely Surprises!

I have a sneaky hubby. He somehow managed to clear schedules, pack bags, make plans and be totally darling without me even noticing!

On Valentine’s Day I wasn’t even tipped off when the Grandmother of the kids I watch came over around lunch and said I could have the rest of the day off. When I got home I was surprised to see Brandon’s car in the garage. He had the car loaded and was ready to head off on an adventure.

We ended up at the Gruene  Mansion Inn. We had lovely meals, enjoyed wandering the small town, hunting down new exercise shoes at the outlets, taking in the beautiful river and reading away on our little porch while listening to live music. He had even packed up some of my favorite movies and treats  to enjoy.

The best part: having a sub to teach seminary the next day! Ok, really the best part was spending so much time with my lovey, but the sleeping in was pretty fabulous!

Thanks for a great little getaway Brandon! I love you lots!

Feathering the Nest

I’ve had a couple requests for pictures from the baby shower I threw a few weeks ago. Sadly, I snapped a few pictures of the food and decor and then totally forgot about the picture taking while I was chatting away-opps! We had a baby bird theme, complete with chow mein nests and cadbury eggs (sort of a bad thing I discovered that you could buy these so far before Easter!) Sweet Brandon stayed up half the night with me cleaning and cooking. He even made mini quiches that were a huge hit- what a stud!

Baby Girl Morgan is due tomorrow!

Congratulations Brad and Jessica we could not be more excited for you!!!

One Step Closer to 30!

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Brandon told me he really felt older this year as 27 feels way closer to 30 than 26 did.

We celebrated with lemonade cupcakes, tritip sandwiches and lots of gifts and phone calls.

I hope your wish comes true!

Back in time…

Oh wait, you mean Easter was almost a month ago?

We’ve been just a little busy around here and I was looking through our camera memory card and realized we’ve missed a lot! Plus Easter is my very favorite, bonus it fell right by my birthday this year- sweetness!

We enjoyed a lovely sacrament meeting and I even got a break from nursery. There had been a miscommunication in our stake and they thought there was some sort of broadcast so they canceled the rest of our meetings.

We started the morning with a little egg hunt.

There was even a special little Easter Bunny waiting for me in the back yard.

We made a lovely Easter dinner. We even did a whole ham, yeah it’s still in our freezer. We might not have thought that one quite through all the way, but boy did it smell tasty as we walked in from church! I also made my Grandma’s famous rolls. They still aren’t as good as hers, but I’m getting better.

My family always got new Easter dresses growing up and I loved it! Many years my grandma even made beautiful, matching dresses for us. In our adult life Brandon and I have gotten new easter digs every other year. I love giraffe print! This is not a great picture of my dress, but I’m in love!

Got to love the self portraits oh man!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying watching Easter videos from, talking with family and basking in the glory of our Easter feast! Next year we must invite guests to share. Like I said there is still ham in our freezer! One of these days we’ll get to the bone for pea soup!

I hope you all had a very lovely Easter and that your month since then has also been equally fabulous!