The Year of Leather

This month we celebrated our 3rd anniversary Year of Leather. Well we didn’t get each other anything leather, but Brandon did surprise me with a little weekend getaway to Gruene. You may remember this post where I mentioned I would love to stay in the Gruene Mansion Inn. Well somebody remembered and we had ourselves a fabulous little weekend! We headed up Friday afternoon and enjoyed walking around the town. Some of our favorite little shops were already closed up for the night, but we enjoyed our walk and found some really cool, REALLY BIG chimes!

We had some dinner at the Gruene Grill (maybe skip this one when you are there, but it was ok). Then we curled up in our room to watch our wedding video and of course the Disney Channel. I know we are lame, but we really do love Disney and since we don’t have cable we just watch hulu and don’t ever channel surf, so it was really fun to skip around from Disney to Discovery and such without the major ordeal it usually is to change channels.

The room was really cool with 2 levels, a little deck and a claw foot tub!

Saturday we headed up to the outlets and I (finally!) got me some cowboy boots. I sort of feel like I fit in now! Brandon also nabbed some shorts, polos and new jeans and we stocked up on the bath and body works soaps for our house. I thought they already had good deals, but you really cannot pass up 75% off- lovely!

We grabbed some lunch @ Rudy’s- yum! Then we headed off to float the river. I totally left the waterproof camera in the car:( 3 hours later we were back on a bus headed to the car. We had a relaxing time floating around, finding lots of turtles and wondering about the architectural choices of the houses along the river. That night we went to dinner at the Gristmill (a must have if you are anywhere close to Gruene!) I have never seen a restaurant so packed! The practically have a parking lot full of picnic tables for you to sit and wait for your real table. They put the names of people whose tables are ready up on a big chalkboard so you better watch close or you might miss yours! I used this trip to try out all sorts of different settings and features on my camera. Poor Brandon had to hold the same pose for a long time while I shot, checked and changed settings. I feel like I learned a lot though. It’s totally sad that when I finally get the look I was going for he’s had it and was not looking so happy. Thanks for being patient babe! I’ll get better I promise!

Each morning we had a wonderful breakfast. I absolutely love having breakfast made for me- one of my favorites for sure!

We spent more time checking out all the cool antique and furniture stores and relaxing.

One night we were reading on our little deck and we heard a weird crunching sound.

It took us a minute to figure it out, but we finally found this little guy cracking away at his find!

So nice to get away! Happy 3 years!


Wedding Planning: Are we done yet?

Megan and I have been planning since March 1st. We’ve crossed many items off our list (the reception place, the band, the colors, the tuxes, the dresses, etc.), but there are still many more things to do! We took our Engagement Pictures on Thursday and we’re waiting for those to be posted online so we can choose the best one.

Right now we’re working on getting the invitations all done and ready to send to the printer. I think I have my address list mostly done, but there are a lot more addresses still to come on the Todd side of things. Today I’ve been working on the website trying to get it all in order. In fact, I’m writing this post so I can add a link to our blog from our main website =) I’ve also been scanning in a bunch of grade school pictures to give to the videographer for our wedding video.

Megan and I are going to Flip’s Gym tonight for an activity that Megan helped coordinate for her Singles Ward here in North Salt Lake. Next week is Conference Weekend so that means a mission reunion, 10 hours of enlightenment (for the brethren at least =) and on top of that Bridal Pictures on April 4. Hopefully we can survive these last 6 weeks until the wedding!