Go Speed Racer Go!

So you would think being on bed rest for the last 7 weeks I would be on top of a few things like blogging, journaling or answering emails. Yeah, not so much! In the meantime my crochet skills are seriously improving and I think I may have viewed the entire Netflix collection. But the bed rest saga is totally another story for another day.

For Valentines I surprised Brandon with a ticket to go try out some race car driving, one of his bucket list goals. A couple weeks ago we snuck out of the house (shhh… don’t tell my doctor!) so I could take some pictures. He had fun, but said it was a totally different experience than he had anticipated. The cars don’t have speedometers so we aren’t sure how fast he actually went, but it looked pretty dang fast to me! Here is a little photo recap:









Aspen Grove

After a week with my family we headed up to Aspen Grove for a big Damitz family reunion. It was so much fun! We had a blast with all the activities! And I only took about a million pictures so I’ll let them do the talking:



Incredible surroundings, amazing company and being the Just Dance Champion, can you ask for a more amazing week?!

Sister Time

Um, Wow! What happened to summer!?! I cannot believe it’s almost gone. What a summer it was filled right up with family, friends, trips and even a few projects.

First Up: I was off to Utah for some much needed sister time!

I helped these guys in my dad’s office. I did some transcribing while they did the nitty gritty patient stuff. I still don’t know how Nichole does it! I so did not get the blood and guts tolerance gene! They are all pro and call him “Dr. Todd” and everything!

Gab was at cheer camp for part of the week so we went to watch her several times.

Brandon didn’t come until later, but Chris and Dad were awesome sports to come and support! Chris even parked like a dork just so we could have a good spot when we got there. He gets bonus points for all the funny looks people gave him (he was driving Nichole’s red bug:)

Go Gab Go!

Lots of time hanging out and enjoying dinners together! So bummed I live so far away!

 Oh, and doesn’t my family have the cutest animals ever! Nichole’s dog, Izzy, is so well trained and can do lots of tricks. My favorite though has to be when she “dances”!

Lucky for me Gabby came to visit in Texas a few weeks later, still bummed Steph and Nick had to stay behind!

How to camp when…

you forgot to pack the cooler!

It was a sad moment when we had already driven 90 minutes and realized our cooler, full of food, was sitting in our kitchen. Here are a few survival tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation:

#1 Find the nearest and largest Diet Coke for your wife before she has a meltdown.

(Seriously the food is the only reason I go camping!)

#2 Track down the nearest grocery store.

We found this itty bitty store that was only open a few more minutes for us to dash in and figure out what to eat for the next few meals.

#3 Come to terms with the fact that the sad cheapo hot dogs itty bitty store has are just not the same as the nice, juicy, polish dogs sitting in your at home cooler.

#4 Decide that unhealthy is better than nothing. Chocolate cobbler totally works for breakfast.

(breakfast was much harder to come up with since we had no way to keep things cold)

#5 Remember that you didn’t bring any utensils since all your food was already prepped. AKA you have no can opener so pop tops are all you get.

#6 As long as your bike doesn’t malfunction you can go on a little ride to see the pretty view while your breakfast cooks.

We were not so lucky. Broken bikes and burnt breakfast for us!

#7 Get over the fact that this trip just did not go the way it was planned and move on to having some fun!

Despite the challenges no food and water can bring to a camping trip we really did have a great time. The area was beautiful and the river was so perfectly refreshing. After we fixed my bike we even went on a great ride.

Note to self: next time grab the cooler!

Strawberry Picking

We headed up to Fredricksberg this weekend to pick our own strawberries. It was very fun. While we were picking I did have this funny feeling that somehow it wasn’t right that I was paying to do the farmers work, but then I got back to the having fun and it was worth it! So delicious!

We took home a couple special strawberries too.

Seriously so delicious!

We’ll be back in a few weeks for blackberries and later in the summer for peaches!

Flat Stanley and Me

We got the pleasure of getting a visit from Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a little boy who got squished and learned he could mail himself anywhere. Trevor (Brandon’s cousin) sent his Flat Stanley to check out San Antonio.

While I’m sure everyone else thought I was a weirdo prancing around the city taking pictures with my paper doll I had a lot of fun!

We went to the Alamo, of course.

The River Walk

Sea World

Stopped by Rudy’s for lunch.

Walked through the Texas Blue Bonnets

and even made Stanley his very own cowboy outfit.

Thank you Trevor (and Stanley) for reminding me of all the fun things here in San Antonio!

Antique Heaven

So we’ve been living in San Antonio for two and a half years. Before moving I kept hearing how fabulous the antique/thrift shopping was going to be, but upon arriving I struggled to see what everyone was talking about. Salvation Army was ok, but nothing to rave about and Good Will was more expensive than Target- really Good Will?! I had a really hard time tracking down any great thrifting.

This week I discovered the glorious goodness of antique shopping in Texas. I set out to find The Old Door Store, an antique architectural salvage store I’d read about. On the way I spotted a couple shops and after getting over my fear of new, ify places I checked them out. They were fabulous! I got talking to one of the store owners who sent me a couple blocks over where I found Antique Heaven. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Tons of stores with tons of amazing pieces, great prices and super friendly sales people. I had so much fun I had to go back another day to continue exploring.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did find a dresser (below) I might just have to go back for. I’m crossing my fingers it’s still there (as you can see it was sort of buried, so I’m hoping no one else was patient enough to hunt). Some of the shops were cute and small and well organized others were massive and took some serious patience to navigate, but they were all full of wonderful things.

I’m pretty sure these places will be my new haunts. If anyone wants an antique shopping buddy I’m your gal!

Lovely Surprises!

I have a sneaky hubby. He somehow managed to clear schedules, pack bags, make plans and be totally darling without me even noticing!

On Valentine’s Day I wasn’t even tipped off when the Grandmother of the kids I watch came over around lunch and said I could have the rest of the day off. When I got home I was surprised to see Brandon’s car in the garage. He had the car loaded and was ready to head off on an adventure.

We ended up at the Gruene  Mansion Inn. We had lovely meals, enjoyed wandering the small town, hunting down new exercise shoes at the outlets, taking in the beautiful river and reading away on our little porch while listening to live music. He had even packed up some of my favorite movies and treats  to enjoy.

The best part: having a sub to teach seminary the next day! Ok, really the best part was spending so much time with my lovey, but the sleeping in was pretty fabulous!

Thanks for a great little getaway Brandon! I love you lots!


Back before Christmas we had a wonderful visit from these fabulous people:

We went to a couple missions, the Riverwalk, checked out the Japanese Tea Gardens, ate fabulous food. Ben even fixed our rice cooker! Also, Ben’s Toms had calculus on them and we think that is pretty sweet!

Oh yeah, and we did flying trapeze. Actually I didn’t get to do it, but Brandon, Bree and Ben all did. It was a pretty fabulous week.

For video of Brandon in action check out his facebook page.

P.S. I totally did not mean to have two circus act posts right by each other. Please don’t think we are crazy because we trapeze and unicycle!

New Door, New Skirt and Old Skills

We have thought our front door was super boring ever since we moved in, but have debated and debated on what to do about it. I finally got brave and splashed some nice bright paint on there. We had a moment where we almost went super trendy with a teal, but I’m glad we reigned it in a little.

(P.S. That planter box is getting a make over very soon, hence the emptiness.)

I finally found the guts to try this tutorial. I’m not in love with the tutorial (lots of gaps), but as you can see I figured it out. I’m pretty excited about it!

In other random news I whipped out the old unicycle after my bike tires called it quits this weekend.

(don’t worry Brandon already fixed them- darn nails!)

Yep, I’ve still got skills!