Oh hi there…

Wait… what? I have a blog? Oh yeah I did do that once. Oh goodness. I wish I could tell you I felt bad or even that I am committed to doing better, but neither would be the truth. Do people even do personal blogs anymore? Facebook, Instagram and Photostream just make it too darn easy to snap a picture and share. To make things even more sad I usually only share phone pics. Gah! I paid good money for a nice camera and classes to learn how to work said camera. So here we go. I’m not making any promises of catching up or being really consistent, but at this moment I’d like to blog.


So what to blog about? I spend my days snuggling one stinking cute baby, reading lots of children’s books, playing peek-a-boo and changing little diapers (along with lots of other wifely/mommy/chore doing activities). And I love it all! But is it really share worthy? I’ll be contemplating that for a bit, in the mean time I’ll share with you a story that’s been on my mind (hopefully I get all the details right, it’s been a bit since I’ve heard the story firsthand):

cradle8 cradle12

When my grandparents were expecting their first baby (my mom) my grandma fell in love with a cradle, but knew it was not something they could afford at the time.  Secretly my grandpa saved any money he could. I think he even would skip lunch to save. On Christmas Eve while my grandma was busy at a family party he snuck off with his brother-in-law to set up the cradle he had so sweetly saved for. They hid it out of sight and the next morning he got up early to pull it out and surprise my grandma. I’m sure Christmas morning was a sweet and tender one as they awaited their little one. I know this should be a book or something right!? So cute!


That was about 50 years ago. Since then about 20 little ones have slept in this cradle, all of my moms siblings and my cousins. It may have missed a few of us that were born around the same time, but I think most everyone got it at one point or another. My sweet Grandma and Aunts packed up this precious cradle and sent it all the way to Texas for Adeline and she slept in it for almost 6 months. I remember my mom telling us not to rock our baby sister so hard (sorry Gab) and I can picture each sweet newborn being swaddled and laid so peacefully in it. I love seeing all the little bumps and scratches that were caused by sleepy mamas and papas, little learning hands and toes and being moved and shared amongst family. Thank you grandma and grandpa for sharing this family treasure with us!



One thought on “Oh hi there…

  1. That is so adorable! I love the story and even more how it has become such a family legacy. And that baby sitting in the crib doesn’t hurt to make the story even sweeter 🙂

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