We are alive!

DSC_0009We have been totally MIA from the blog world lately and I’ve been a total slacker at taking pictures of our latest adventures, but we are very much alive! Here is a little recap of the last few months:

DSC_0055 DSC_0003 

DSC_0075 DSC_0020DSC_0063photo-25 photo-23 photo-27photo-24

  • homemade sea glass necklaces for mom & sisters
  • nutcracker darlings
  • 1st attempt at carmel apples- yum!
  • christmas morning, just the two of us = so lovely!
  • government canyon walks
  • endless polka dot curtains
  • rocking horse in the making
  • painting baby’s room
  • valentine’s dinner

photo-26We also discovered that this little one sleeps just like mama, hands curled up under cheek:)


One thought on “We are alive!

  1. I didn’t get to say hi to you on Sunday but I saw your cute belly from afar! I want to see the baby room so bad so post pics soon!!! Hope you are doing great!

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