A work in progress…

We’ve had lots of projects happening amongst all the crazy adventures this summer. I started this one at the beginning of the summer.

First I tore apart a pallet. FYI this was way harder and took way longer than I ever imagined!

Next I cut the boards down. Using my new favorite tool (my drill)  I tried to put it together, but my new drill totally overpowered the screws and stripped them. I had to get out my other favorite tool (my Dremel) and cut off the excess screw.

From there it was easy to slap on some stain, chicken wire and then fill the box with moss and soil.

Succulents were a little pricier than I had anticipated so I got a few and planted them. Then waited 8 weeks for the roots to set. Brandon helped me hang the box on our patio. Easiest plant care ever! Water only once or twice a week. Someday we will add more plants, but eventually these ones should spread and fill the entire box.

Loving me a garden that doubles as art!


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