For Real

Are ready for the most awesome story ever?

Ok maybe not ever, but we think it’s pretty cool.

So a few months back I randomly entered this contest at HEB. All you had to do was try new recipes (from a list of theirs) every week for eight weeks and then log into their website and tell them that you did, then you were entered into a drawing. So I figured, “Hey self, you have to cook dinner anyways and you like trying new recipes so why not. You might even win a coupon or something.” They had hundreds of ┬áprizes ranging from kitchen appliances, HEB gift cards from $5-$500, all sorts of things. I never win anything so I figured chances were slim but I’d give it a go, again I had to make dinner anyway. We liked some of the recipes, others we did not. Broccoli slaw was a big NO and that’s coming from a broccoli fan!

So a few weeks after the contest ended I still hadn’t heard anything and figured it was all over and we didn’t win anything and I was ok with that.

A few more weeks later I got an email from HEB that started out “Thanks for participating!” I figured it was just a formal way of letting me know I didn’t win anything, but I continued reading and discovered not only did I not lose, but I won the Grand Prize!

Wait, what?!?!?

Yeah I read that email like a million times! The grand prize was a year of free groceries ($5200 in gift cards), $1000 towards a kitchen upgrade and a tour with an HEB dietician. Um, yep you can read that sentence again, it’s nuts!

A few more weeks go by, paper work filled out, a scare with the post office losing things, notary and all sorts of other legal stuff (apparently they can use my name and likeness if they want so if you see “me” on an HEB something let me know!) and I was able to go pick up our prize last week.

We went shopping and it felt so weird to not be paying for our groceries, very cool, but weird! We had a hard time coming up with a kitchen upgrade and finally decided on a new big dinning table. I LOVE the one we have, but it really only fits the two of us and we like to entertain so bigger is better. So it’s moving to my craft room for more work space and I can’t wait for the new one to get here! Since the gift cards do expire in a year and that is way more than we typically spend we will be bulking up our food storage and trying some new fancy ingredients.

So there you have it, the crazy story about how I won free groceries for a year and a new kitchen table! Now go enter a contest, you might just win!


How to camp when…

you forgot to pack the cooler!

It was a sad moment when we had already driven 90 minutes and realized our cooler, full of food, was sitting in our kitchen. Here are a few survival tips if you ever find yourself in a similar situation:

#1 Find the nearest and largest Diet Coke for your wife before she has a meltdown.

(Seriously the food is the only reason I go camping!)

#2 Track down the nearest grocery store.

We found this itty bitty store that was only open a few more minutes for us to dash in and figure out what to eat for the next few meals.

#3 Come to terms with the fact that the sad cheapo hot dogs itty bitty store has are just not the same as the nice, juicy, polish dogs sitting in your at home cooler.

#4 Decide that unhealthy is better than nothing. Chocolate cobbler totally works for breakfast.

(breakfast was much harder to come up with since we had no way to keep things cold)

#5 Remember that you didn’t bring any utensils since all your food was already prepped. AKA you have no can opener so pop tops are all you get.

#6 As long as your bike doesn’t malfunction you can go on a little ride to see the pretty view while your breakfast cooks.

We were not so lucky. Broken bikes and burnt breakfast for us!

#7 Get over the fact that this trip just did not go the way it was planned and move on to having some fun!

Despite the challenges no food and water can bring to a camping trip we really did have a great time. The area was beautiful and the river was so perfectly refreshing. After we fixed my bike we even went on a great ride.

Note to self: next time grab the cooler!