Birthday Girls

A few weeks ago Camille and I enjoyed a night out complete with trips to the nail salon and “the mothership”, aka Target! We were admiring all the lovely white dishes and both came away with the same idea! Great minds really do think alike I guess. We both thought we were so clever to remember something the other had liked:) We had a dinner this week to celebrate her moving, although I’m rather sad about it. We had to laugh when we both walked in carrying a beautiful white pitcher tied in cute bows. I’m loving the white pitcher and it’s currently on my counter with some nice purple, green and white spring flowers!

Thanks Camille!


Spring Craftiness

Ok, so I have no time and no energy and like a million things to do- not a good combo. Wasn’t this years one and only goal to simplify? What the heck happened?! Sort of feel like I’m treading water endlessly trying to stay afloat. Anyone remember how bad a swimmer I am?! Anyone want to be my assistant? Anyway, I’ve made some promises that I would post some pictures of my spring crafts. So here you go. Please don’t judge I snapped pictures and tossed this post together in like a grand total of 3 seconds, cause really that’s all the time I have!

This is how I feel about the current state of my life:

Ok, so really that’s just me after my dance class, but still.

***Most of the craft ideas were inspired by or straight up copied from or They are both fabulous you should check them out!***


This year spring fever hit me in the form of craftiness! I’ve been busy with lots of fun spring decor. I’ll share that later, but I thought I’d share a free little phone cover update I finally checked off my list. This sad sad, but free, phone cover was not the best from the beginning, but quickly has fallen into even deeper sadness.

Some modge podge, cute scrapbook paper and some tracing later I get very excited to answer the phone! Ok so my phone rings so little I get excited any time it rings, but I’m sort of loving the little bee I carry in my pocket all day. I’d like to think it’s reminding me to “Bee Positive” or maybe just “Bee” realistic and just say no sometimes, alas it has yet to have this power over me. It does, however, make me smile!