Kitties & Kids

This girl always knows when I’m not feeling great. A few weeks ago I was curled up reading, pretty much dead to the world and she snuggled right in- just the buddy I needed!

FYI: I probably wash that massive pink quilt more than anything in my house; I use it all the time! My sweet grandma made it for me when I was moving to the frozen north (Logan, Utah). It’s massive and soft and I love curling up in it.

In other news: A few weeks ago we got to hang out with this cute kid while her parents went out of town for a few days.

Doesn’t Brandon look great holding a kid!




I have been wishing someone would figure this out for years!

Finally no more annoying packets! And Enough Ketchup to go around.

Made my day!

Omnipod & Dexcom

I’ve become a machine! I got myself hooked up to these two devices this week. I still have to prick my finger several times a day, but no more shots for me! I can only hope the scar tissue will be gone by swim suit season:) I thought they would make me crazy and the Dexcom sort of does, but for the most part I hardly realize they are there and things have been so much easier this past week! Here’s a little overview of the pump and glucose sensor if you are interested, if not you can skip to the blue text for my input. (please excuse the cheesy sales pitch):


With just two user-friendly parts
the OmniPod System makes diabetes
a much smaller part of your life.


The Pod

Wear the small, discreet wireless insulin pump to deliver your insulin without shots or tubing.

  • No tubing to snag, tangle or dress around; the first completely tubeless insulin pump.
  • A truly durable and waterproof insulin pump; so you can bathe, swim and be as active as you like.*
  • Delivers insulin based on your personalized settings—precisely what you ask for,
    when you ask.
  • Built-in insulin reservoir, angled infusion set, automated inserter, pumping mechanism and power supply.
  • Weighs just 1.2 ounces with a full reservoir—so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing an insulin pump.
  • Takes insertion needles out of sight and pain out of the game.
  • Hands-free, automated insertion—and priming—minimizes hassles and errors.


The PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager)

Manage your personalized insulin delivery wirelessly with your easy-to-use, handheld PDM.

  • Guides you through managing your insulin delivery with simple language, like “Are you going to eat now?”
  • Built-in FreeStyle® blood glucose (BG) meter eliminates the need to carry and manage a separate meter or transfer BG results from device to device.
  • Large color screen with bright mode option is easy to see, read and use; test strip port light facilitates checking BG in low-light conditions.
  • No more log-booking or “best guesses.” PDM stores and summarizes insulin delivery, BG and carbohydrate records.
  • Downloads records to the CoPilot® Health Management System, simplifying the data management essential to fine-tuning your care.
  • Food library of over 1,000 common foods helps you count the carbs.
  • Suggested bolus calculator recommends doses based on your settings and your BG value.
  • No need to wear it on your belt; just put it in your pocket, backpack, or handbag—wherever you would normally keep your BG meter.

Device #2:


Dexcom™ SEVEN® PLUS Continuous Glucose Sensor and Components

Revved-up components of the SEVEN® PLUS



360 degrees of Sensor comfort

The SEVEN Sensor is a flexible, round, platinum-based, miniature wire that goes just under your skin to read glucose levels, and attaches to the skin with its adhesive patch. The SEVEN Sensor is the smallest available — which means maximum comfort.

The SEVEN Sensor is the only Sensor FDA approved for up to 7 days of use — a full week!  Seven days of uninterrupted wear gives you more time to live life, and minimizes the time you spend replacing your Sensors and waiting during new Sensor startup.


Comfortable to wear



Sensor Size
Sensor Appllied

The Transmitter is a micro-technology that wirelessly sends glucose information to the Receiver every 5 minutes. The Transmitter snaps into the Sensor to form a small and discreet Pod that’s wireless and lightweight, maximizing comfort and convenience. Here you see the Transmitter snapped into the Sensor. You also can see the adhesive patch that holds the Pod to your skin.

The PLUS Transmitter and Sensor Pod form a sleek, water-resistant unit. Using competitors’ heavier or bulkier transmitters can cause sensor-units to come off the skin — this means missed readings, cost of sensor replacement, and frustration.


Widescreen Receiver

The SEVEN PLUS Receiver is a wireless device that has the largest available widescreen display with easy-to-read glucose trends so you can quickly and easily know where your glucose is headed.


At about the size and weight of a cell phone, you can clip the Receiver to your belt, put it in your pocket, handbag, or briefcase, or just set it somewhere near you, like on your desk or nightstand. The Transmitter can be up to 5 feet away from the Receiver and still transmit your glucose readings. The Receiver provides quick and easy viewing of 1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour glucose trends and current glucose readings.

Your Home Screen shows your 3-hour trend, trend-arrow, and current glucose value, so you can have a complete look at your glucose at a glance. It’s your one-stop Home Screen.


The PLUS widescreen shows you where you have been, where you are, and where you’re headed

Screen Image

The PLUS has customizable alerts and re-alerts that you can depend on — like your personal 24/SEVEN safety net. And, the SEVEN PLUS offers you extra peace of mind with its one-of-a kind Hypo-Safety-Alarm — designed to alert you when your glucose falls to 55 mg/dL or lower.

The Receiver stores up to 30 days of data and can be downloaded to your computer using DexCom Data Manager® 3 software for viewing of long-term trends.

So basically this is the closest thing to an artificial pancreas right now. They are working on incorporating the two devices and there will be a smaller omnipod by the end of the year. Until then I’m a pretty happy camper!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Blast those leprechauns! They got to my bread, Brandon’s lunch and our spaghetti this year! What a fun day! If you haven’t noticed I’m sort of in love with everything holiday related, decor, celebrating, traditions, etc…

Next up my birthday and Easter- squeal!


I got to go watch Brandon’s soccer game this week. They didn’t win this one, but it was still very fun. Brandon’s team is called Chivas, we aren’t sure what it means.

In other news this is how excited we were when the media center was finally built! I was just as thrilled when all the cords and computer parts found homes tucked neatly away in our new entertainment center, but I failed to take a picture of my excitement.

Beautiful Days

We have had such fabulous weather lately. We’ve been grilling, playing games in the back yard and watching the flowers grow. We even let the kitties out to play with us.

Happy Spring!