Gingerbread Houses!

Way back in December we decided it would be fun to make some gingerbread houses. We have made them before, but that was at Megan’s parents’ house. We wanted to make them on our own this year =) We couldn’t find any gingerbread molds despite Megan searching around all the local stores, so we used graham crackers instead. This proved more difficult, but also added to the fun as we all figured out how to build our roof and make sure nothing caved in (except in Russ’s case…it actually did become a man cave, so I guess he didn’t have to worry about that).

We had a great time with Russ & Camille (if you’re lucky enough to be invited, check out for close-ups of their houses) building our houses. Megan and I still found sprinkles and frosting everywhere the next day =)

Here’s mine close up…The others referred to it as the house/chapel barn. I guess if you’ve seen the movie The Proposal, then that doesn’t seem so far-fetched. I only intended to build a house, but apparently I did so well it was good enough to be called a house of God 😉

Megan actually did build a house of God, well, a manger, but anyways hers looks awesome and I really liked how it turned out (especially the 3 Wise Men and the shepherd with his crook).

We also made gingerbread men to go with their houses. Unlike their counterparts that were born only minutes earlier, these gingerbread men were forgotten and became the shadows of gingerbread men past (or I guess you could say we had a culturally diverse set of gingerbread men). The best part is that we will always remember this night because this baking mat will not wash clean and will have the shadows of the shadow gingerbread men forever.