For those of you who never thought you would see the day, yes I went camping all on my own and I even have pictures to prove it. We had a lot of fun trying out our new camp gear- notice the picture of a very clean camp stove, making tin foil dinners and cobbler for the first time, exploring, and enjoying all the fun company! Oh I also ran into a deer at about 3 in the morning which scared me to death, but as you can see I survived.

Us Camping

Camp Site


The one tree


Our Tent

Clean Stove


banana boats

picking up trash


We had a lot of fun with many of the people from our ward. Brandon even found time to pick up some trash on the beach- what a stud!


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Since we moved here I have really wanted to do some gardening, but in an apartment you don’t have many options. Well this last week Brandon and I decided to try out some window boxes. We planted all sorts of things and if we are lucky we will have blooms now until the end of spring, maybe even longer! I guess that can be one thing I like about Texas.  We planted a couple already established plants, but I was thrilled when a short four days later sprouts began to appear and have grown a ton in the last few days!


All Hung

Yes those are zip ties


Snap Dragon


I have the cutest mom ever! I got two packages this week full of fun Halloween decorations and goodies that she and Gabby put together for me. They even made me my very own treat bucket when I mentioned I couldn’t find one that I really liked. So cute!!! Very creative ladies! Check out the things they sent. I also threw in a few pictures of some decorating I already did. I don’t really like trick or treating, but I love decorating for Halloween!

So fun!

Halloween Goodies

Treat Bucket

Homemade Banner

More Goodies

Hanging Lanterns

Pumpkin Lights

My Luminaries



Miley Update

We love this girl.

She loves wheat thins, ranch dressing and still enjoys chewing on us. She is not so in love with our attempt to take her for walks, but she does enjoying being outside. She keeps me company while Brandon is gone and makes me laugh all the time. Her latest goal is to make it into my flower boxes, not so safe seeing as we live on the second floor. She also had her first encounter with a dog this week. Is it bad that we were totally entertained when she came running in all puffed up?


1st Stairs

Not so Happy


Wheat Thins


We went to see about a million bats fly out from under the Congress Bridge in Austin. Our first attempt we got there a little too late and missed it, but we did enjoy a good dinner. The second time we made it. We didn’t get any good pictures of the bats themselves, but it was incredible!

On Bridge


Capitol Skyline

Me and Sign


We had so much fun with my family down in Mexico. We did a lot of this:


But we also spent a lot of time hanging at the beach, playing games, reading, relaxing and enjoying time together! We were even able to watch some BYU football!


If you know me you know I’m no good at most sports. So I became the photographer and had to stray from the game a few times to catch the amazing surroundings.


That so was not my fault.

Orange Sun

Sand Heart

Go Long!

Look at these cute sisters! Oh and Brandon seems to have some sort of force field that pulls kids in.

Nick and Gab

Boo and Ben

Reading with Eva

The boys went fishing one day. Scary looking fish if you ask me.

Scary Fish

The new house has an incredible upper deck. We tried to get some pictures of the view.


Whose ready for church?


Nick and Steph

Fun in the Sun!


Let us in!

Look at those muscles!

Another Fish

This was the last time we will all be together before Christmas so of course we had to take some pictures for that beloved holiday card.

On Deck

So Hot!

On Beach


So Cute!


Mom and Dad

These pictures need to be adjusted a little to brighten our faces, but I don’t know how to do that on Brandon’s computer. We had about 30 people with us on this trip, but you can’t really tell that from my pictures. So I would love to get some pictures from everyone else that was there. We had so much fun with everyone!!! Oh and this is how we road from the beach house to the Phoenix airport. Some of us weren’t so happy about being squished, but I thought it was a blast to be in a car with everyone for the last few hours.

Car Ride

The Grand Tour

I know we have now been living here for 4 months, but I’ve gotten several requests to see the place all put together. I was waiting and waiting for it to be all clean, but then I caved and realized this is about as good as it gets. Enjoy!

Green Table


View From Bedroom



Entry Table

Fam Room


Fridge Side

Sink side

My Favorite Room!

Guest Bath

Guest Bath2

Multipurpose Room

Multi Take 2

Our Room


Awesome Salt Lake Picture

My Side

Brandon's Side

Master Bath

Master Bath2

If you want to see more you will have to come visit, but you probably should just come visit anyway!


We are in need of an update, I know. We have been pretty busy with a lot of different things. My computer is on it’s last leg and I am not able to load any new pictures and what is a blog post without pictures? Anyway here are a few Brandon was able to upload. They are of me painting tap squares for my new dance classes and some of the room I’m teaching in. It’s very low key, but I’m loving it. Still need a name… any ideas? I would love a play on words with a french word or something. We will try to do a bigger update when we get back in the states. Painting squares

Dance Studio Squares

Dance Studio Stars