Miley & Monster? Our cute little snuggley kitten has hit a mean streak. She still is just as cute as could be, but truly likes to bite. Not just her toy mouse or ribbon, but she truly likes to bite human flesh. My legs and arms are definitely showing her new little addiction. We love her and spend a lot of time playing with her, but have tried everything to get the biting to stop and so far have had no luck. I know kittens generally go through a biting phase- anyone know how long it will last? or have any suggestions? I think we have tried everything we have heard or read. Currently we have switched back to the water bottle trick. I now sleep with one in my hand.

Miley also doesn’t like to be alone. She doesn’t seem to mind when we aren’t home. It’s when we are home and not giving her enough attention. Since she was biting us while we where trying to sleep we decided to lock her out of our bedroom at night. Well after several nights of crying she convinced us to open the door back up. (I was pretty sure she was waking the neighbors) I now let her sleep on my side. We have come to an ok routine, but I do wish for more sleep. She wakes me up around 3 every morning I play a little with her and then calm her down. That usually includes lots of biting and her becoming soaking wet. When Brandon gets up a few hours later she gets up, eats and plays for a little bit and then when I get up she is sweetly sleeping right up next to me. It’s just so cute I can’t believe it’s the same cat that bit my nose at 3 to get attention.

Anyway now that I have complained about the small trials of having a kitten I thought I’d share a few pictures and maybe a movie. (If I can get it working.) I have filled all of our camera memory cards with pictures and videos of her. I’ve had way too much fun following her around with the camera. I keep getting told that this is good training for a baby. No we are not ready to have kids and I’m pretty sure you can’t spray infants with water when they misbehave.

Miley and Me Polka dots, checks and stripes!

She is so snuggley when she wants to be. I love her polka dot belly!


She lets me hold her like a baby while she sleeps, adorable!

Box baby

Fast asleep. Brandon got her a new kitty city. It’s a little house with toys and a scratching post. I’ll have to get a picture of that, but before we got that she had a little home in this shoe box.

Daddy's little girl


We wanted to have a way to show how small she was. She has already grown a ton and gotten taller since this picture, but she is still Brandon’s baby. He is so cute with her. Brandon really loves cats!


She seems to think if she eats that water bottle it won’t spray her anymore. We are still working on the connection between biting and getting wet. Until then I guess I can deal with the scratches since she is so fun to play with all day! And really could you squirt that cute face?