Brandon’s Graduation

Here are some pictures from graduation! Thanks for everyone who came physically and in spirit =) If you want to save the pictures, just right-click and select Save Link As or Save Image As. I’ve posted the high-res versions here since Gmail wouldn’t let me send such big images.

the hood

BYU sign

MB BYU sign

Grad + Rents

MB + Rents

Parents and Gparents

The crew



We’re moving!

No, not to San Antonio (that’s not till June), but to My hosting plan that I paid for two years ago was due to expire at the end of March. Since we were only using the web hosting space to do our blog I figured it was just as easy to use wordpress and not have to pay 200 bucks for two more years of hosting. Our pictures are slowly migrating (we have to upload them again to this new site), so be patient while I get to all 200 of them.

You may have noticed that was not working for a bit, but I’ve fixed that and we’ll have that domain name for the next two years (forever really, as long as we keep paying for it) so you can still go there if it is easier to remember. Thanks for visiting and if you had links or RSS feeds to our site, you’ll have to update them with the new address.