Valentine’s Day

Earlier in the week I was going to heart attack Brandon’s car, but I misunderstood him and I ended up going right when he was there. So we had a snack and talked for a minute before he headed to the Jazz/Laker game and I went to my aerial class. Oh and I still decorated a window before I left.


Friday during our class Valentines party the school secretary came in with a box of flowers and chocolates for me. It was a somewhat embarrassing, but a really cute surprise from Brandon!


Megan set a beautiful table for Valentine’s Day Breakfast!
Valentine's Table

We had thought about spending Valentines in St. George, but decided to spend the weekend doing some projects. We needed to do some cleaning out. After heart shaped chocolate muffins, a Brandon favorite, we cleaned out our living room and bathroom. We went to lunch at my favorite place- PF Changs. It was so delicious we did the Chang for 2 Special, which had a soup, lettuce wraps, we picked spicy chicken and honey and to finish it off mini deserts. It was very yummy! On the way home we stopped and got a stand for my keyboard, but we also went to the church so I could practice the piano. I’m the new ward choir pianist. I love practicing on the keyboard Brandon got me for Christmas, but it just didn’t have all the notes I needed for this song.


We had a fun date night with Brain and Laura a couple weeks ago. We went to dinner and then played Nerts. We had a lot of fun so for Valentines I got us a set of cards so we could practice. (Brian and Laura kicked our trash!)

We have been taking the Strengthening Marriage class for Sunday school and we realized we didn’t have a Family Proclamation hanging in our home so I also got a framed one for Valentines. While I was looking for a frame I liked I also came across a little book – So You’re a BYU Football Fan! I laughed pretty hard and had to share it with Brandon.

Brandon and I also watched Fools Gold on Valentines- we have a bunch of free codes for RedBox so we have been seeing a lot of movies lately. Since it’s free we can take a risk. Fools Gold wasn’t fantastic, but it was ok.

We also spent our Monday holiday going through files and cleaning our our bedroom. Brandon even moved our bed away from the window, since I’ve been freezing at night. We had  a great weekend spending time together! Happy Valentines!


pre piano


Piano Stand

This is a bulletin board I did outside our classroom for Valentines:

Bulletin Left BulletinR


The kids made their own love bugs and we put them all over the board.