Christmas Tree!

You can pretty much thank Tai Pan for our Christmas tree; most of it came from there. We bought the tree back in October using a 25% off coupon (it was actually the same night we got our pumpkin; see Pumpkin Pie post). This past Saturday, while I was at my Messiah choir rehearsal, Meg used another 20% off coupon for the ribbons, the red and gold ornaments, and the “tree skirt” (it’s really just a pretty piece of cloth that has become our tree skirt). We set it up on Saturday night and filled it with all of our own ornaments (we have a decent amount). This morning Meg got out of bed and turned on the tree and then just stared at it. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas =)


BYU v. Utah

Megan’s friend was able to get us tickets to the BYU-Utah game.

Utah won- enough said.

T-Day Pies

Megan made two very yummy pies for Thanksgiving. The one on the left with the awesome lattice is a cherry pie and the one on the right with the leaf motif (as I’m sure you can guess) is pumpkin. She even made some homemade whipped cream to put on top.


We weren’t able to make our pizza on Saturday, so we moved it to Monday for FHE. We had lots of fun and it turned out pretty tasty!

Homemade dough rising.

Brandon is a pro!

This was a wedding gift-it’s awesome. You can cook the top, bottom or both, so you can start with fresh dough like we did or a pre-made crust. It’s called a Pizzaz- hence the name of this post and it works faster than a regular oven. (bonus!)

We made a ham & pineapple pizza and a pepperoni. They were yummy! We hope to have a pizza party soon.

RSL Western Conference Final

RSL finally opened up their new Rio Tinto Stadium on Thurs. Oct. 9. We had a bridal shower that night and then we left for Mexico the next day and couldn’t go to the stadium for any of the regular season games. We listened to the last RSL home game on the way home from Mexico. They won that home game and were headed to the playoffs if they were able to win one more game; they won the game they needed and even made it to the Western Conference Finals. I found out about the game and decided it would be really fun to go. I looked online for tickets and they didn’t have any of the cheap seats ($25), but then I remembered the Colonel’s Corner. During the regular season they sold games for $14, but the playoffs were $20 per person.

We had lots of fun at the game. This was the first time that RSL made it to the playoffs, let alone the Western Conference Finals. They were up against the New York Red Bulls (don’t ask me how they are in the western conference, but they are). The atmosphere was electric and it felt just like a game in South America. People were throwing streamers, smoke bombs, and making lots of noise. The stadium lights make it seem like it is midday even though it was 7pm. RSL had plenty of chances to win the game, bouncing 3 shots off the post at various points. They ended up losing 1-0, but it was still an exciting game to watch and the stadium was great!

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6 Months of Bliss and Other Slightly Less Blissful Experiences

We’ve hit the first six month mark! Wow time has flown by. Here are some highlights:

*We got mrd (that’s what the lady in the temple wrote on my temple label)

*Lots of Travel: Park City, St. George (x3), California, Brazil (x2 for Brandon), Mexico and one more trip to California before the year is over.

*Iguaçu Falls

*Moving 4 times in 4 months- yeah I’m a pro.

*Disneyland- The Happiest Place on Earth! (I think I went enough times that it turned out to be just about a time for every week I lived was in California)

*Visiting lots of temples- pictures under our pages link.

*Becoming a Skype expert.

*Being Ward Missionaries

*Surviving our last year of school.

*Waking up to cute Trevor trying to break through Brandon’s barrier of luggage.(He cried when Brandon told him he couldn’t see me yet.)

*Being settled into our first place.

*Building amazing bookshelves:)

*Trying a new recipe every week. (sometimes they turn out great and other times well not so great)


*Lots of Fun!!!

These are just a few of the fun and funny things we have experienced in the last six months. This morning when Brandon came home from cleaning the church and choir rehearsal he brought my favorite flowers home- gerbera daisies. After work today we are going to make homemade pizza and go to the REAL game. We try to plan one fun thing to do everyday, which makes for lots of fun and memorable times together!

We still don’t have our wedding pictures, but I found out today that we can design our album online, so that’s next on my to do list!

It’s hard to believe it’s been half a year already- Happy Six Months!!!

Pumpkin Pie

For family home evening this week we came home with  a tree, a pumpkin, and two bags of chocolate bars. We had a coupon to Tai Pan, so we went and got a Christmas Tree for 25% off. Brandon informed me that the tree I liked looked like a Charlie Brown tree, so we found another one we both liked. It’s called a Deer Creek Slim- Brandon says it has a cooler name than my original pick as well. It’s already got lights on it and will be easy to set up. Currently it’s in a box in our living room, because I have strict feelings about putting any Christmas decorations or playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It’s dishonoring that scrumptious turkey holiday. The candy was for the trick or treaters, but Brandon assured me that if we had none (being that we live on the third floor) he would dispose of the remaining candy. That brought relief to my mind. Turns out we thought we heard some once and ignored the door. We later found out that it was our home teachers who left a note and treat. Oh sad. No trick or treaters ever arrived. Back to family home evening: Brandon took the guts out of the pumpkin and roasted the seeds while I carved it. We ended up with a tasty snack and a fabulous looking “pumpkin pie”, Every year I look forward to carving pumpkins. I love looking for an intricate pattern or creating my own- no triangles and circles for me! But we thought this idea was pretty clever and we laughed for a good 15 minutes. Nichole later informed me that we were totally lame, but we love it anyway! Happy Halloween!

Our pumpkin in the dark.

Tree hugger! (He’s comparing the size of trees with equal costs-very scientific.)

Rocky Point

My family has been going to Mexico every October since I can remember. This year Brandon was able to take a break from school to join in. I now very much appreciate that my dad drives the entire 17 hours. I only had to drive four or five and hated it! Once we got there we had a blast. Kayaking, hiking the estuary, jumping off sand dunes, going to the aquarium. I loved just reading my book and relaxing on the beach. My little cousins loved that Brandon would play football with them. Brandon tried many times to make the boogie board work, but this beach was just not made for that. You can take the boy out of California, but you can’t take California out of the boy! We ate out a lot and enjoyed the authentic food- my sisters ate chicken nuggets everywhere we went. We tried a new restaurant- The Coffee’s Haus- it was owned by a German man and a Mexican women. They made delicious pastries and Mexican influenced breakfasts-delicious! Trying a new restaurant is always a risk- we are pretty sure we ate dog one year! We even slept out under the stars one night. It was a very fun a trip and a nice break and I’m still reminded of it every time I get in the car. (It still has sand all over it- life’s been a little busy since we got back and sadly the car has been neglected.) We came home relaxed and a little less white. Adios!

Brandon feeding Arthur the sea lion.

Todd Sisters’ jumping competition.

There he goes!