Alone At Last!

Today is our very first Sunday all alone ever! Since we’ve been married (almost 5 months!) we had never had a Sunday to ourselves until today. Between living with relatives and various family dinners our Sundays have been booked. We had lots of fun today. We slept in, enjoyed conference and Brandon made a delicious dinner. We went for a drive to look for leaves for a lesson I’m teaching tomorrow and we’ve been reading and listening to the news this evening. We’ve had a fantastic weekend together!


Our New Home!

We actually moved in a few weeks ago (thanks family for moving everything up three flights of stairs!!!), but it is now official! My mom and grandma came over yesterday to help me surprise Brandon by hanging up the last few pictures and rearranging some decor. It was very fun to have them over for a few hours. My sweet mom even helped me scrub down the kitchen and bathroom. (I think secretly she really just wanted a turn with the cool Swiffer mop) It has been very fun to finally be in our own place and to use all of our fun wedding gifts. Our families were very generous in sharing their furniture with us. Thanks!

My mom refinished this table and chairs for us. It was my parents when they were first married.

Cute Brandon!

And now the bookshelves that almost destroyed him…

Voila! I think they turned out pretty great!

I came home from work to find Brandon hanging up the curtains for me! He has been very sweet to help me put our apartment together!

This was a desk that my grandpa made for my mom when she was young- it used to be yellow. She refinished it and gave it to me when we moved to Utah.