Labor Day Ice Cream!

On Labor Day we attended the annual Young Family Party and Ice Cream Extravaganza! This year was complete with propaganda and of course some competition trickery. We put in our first entry as a married couple: Peach Ice Cream. Wendy Haslam shared her family’s secret recipe with us- thanks Wendy! It turned out great- I loved it! We even won the coveted Golden Scoop in the fruit division!!! We enjoyed the left overs for a little while after!


Goodbye Disneyland!

Before heading back to Utah we had to make one more stop in the Happiest Place on Earth! We used and abused our season passes this summer. I think I went enough that it was almost as if I had gone every week. (I went a few days in a row while my family came to visit) We love the new Toy Story Mania ride and Soarin’ is still my favorite. If I could sit on Soarin’ all day long I would be a happy camper. Another cool, new thing was Disney’s smart house of the future. Although parts were unrealistic and I’m sure out of this world expensive it was pretty cool to get to play around with some new things. My favorite was the magic mirror that would digitally dress you and suggest accessories. So you could change outfits at the touch of a button and see how they would look on you. Do you understand how much time that would save me in the morning! We had a lot of fun spending time in Disneyland this summer and no fear we plan to return again just after Christmas!

14 is Brandon’s lucky number and we think it is awesome that that is the speed limit in Disneyland!

We found a hidden Mickey! For those of you who are unfamiliar with hidden Mickeys please ask a Todd. We would be happy to fill you in on the magic that is Disney. This one was found in the side walk behind the R in CALIFORNIA Adventure! 

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Happy Birthday Brandon!

Yes I know I’m way behind on posts! Brandon’s Birthday was on the 7th of August, but hey we went out last night for dinner with the Barricks and “celebrated”. For Brandon’s 24th Birthday we started the day with his favorite breakfast- french toast. I made a tasty chocolate and strawberry cake. (Recipe complements of Tiffany) Tiffany made a great dinner and we had fun opening gifts. Brandon is an incredible person and I’m so lucky to be married to him!!! Happy Birthday!